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Mike's World

You're now entering the ultimate fun zone — a place to celebrate all things Mikesell's and enjoy interacting with us too. So dive in... we'd love for you to join us.

Suggest our Next Flavor

At Mikesell's, we think our fans are geniuses... and they obviously have great taste. So why not be a flavor creator and help us invent our next chip? Don't hold back - put on your thinking cap (or chef's hat, as the case may be), get those creative juices flowing, and send us your very best ideas.

What Chip Are You?

Find yourself reaching for the same Mikesell's chip flavor over and over? There could be a good reason for that. In fact, you might be more in sync with your favorite chip than you think. And luckily you can find out if you are, right here. Just answer all 11 questions in our quiz below, and gain some enlightenment into your true chip identity.

What's Your Story?

Chances are, you probably have more than a few great memories that include our chips - whether it was at your last 4th of July picnic or a few days ago at grandma's. Feel free to share those memories here (just be sure to keep them appropriate and pertinent please).