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Discover your inner chip.

What Chip Are You?

Find yourself reaching for the same Mikesell's chip flavor over and over? There could be a good reason for that. In fact, you might be more in sync with your favorite chip than you think. And luckily you can find out if you are, right here. Just answer all 11 questions in our quiz below, and gain some enlightenment into your true chip identity.

Are you?

1. You're planning your next vacation — what's your favorite spot?

2. When settling in for some daily reading, what's in your hands?

3. You're meeting up with friends — where do you like to hang out?

4. Time to turn on the TV — what's your go-to show?

5. It's time for a great meal — what's your favorite?

6. If you had the chance to drive any car, what would it be?

7. What's in your MP3 player these days?

8. When you want to catch a movie on the big screen, you opt for:

9. You do your favorite shopping at:

10. When you go to an art museum, where do you head first?